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Un Trip Screens at the Endora Film Festival Sunday, Nov. 5th in Lockhart, TX

Un Trip: raúlrsalinas and the Poetry of Liberation will be screening a part of the Endora Film Festival this Sunday, November 5th at noon at the Gaslight Baker Theater in Lockhart TX. Anne and Laura will be there for Q&A.

​ Program Block Preview NOON - Raúl & Resistance Bloc - FREE!

  • RAÚLSALINAS & THE POETRY OF LIBERATION: UN TRIP (25min, ATX/San Anto) A splitscreen jazz-&-liberation film based on the words of “Un Trip through the Mind Jail” by raúlrsalinas, written in 1969 in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. The poem expresses lived experience in La Loma (East Austin). The short explores contemporary issues: imprisonment in the jail machine, community destruction & gentrification, the overwhelming force of cultural memory in sanity & salvation, and the need for societal transformation.

  • PRACTICAL ABOLITION (3min, Philly) Amistad Law Project lifts up alternatives to policing: mobilizing emergency resources for communities hardest hit by gun violence, alongside policies & programs to make us safer. Shown courtesy of the Working Films “Beyond Walls” compilation

  • I AM LIGHT (4min, UK) Gorgeous & poignant assemblage of vignettes to showcase the joys & pains of life as a Black person in the UK, including those whose families hail from the Caribbean.

  • CATWOMAN VS. THE WHITE HOUSE (12min, Berlin) Newly discovered audio & video tell the full story between Eartha Kitt's run-in with the President & the First Lady in 1968.

  • IMMORTAL ROSE (19min, Myanmar) After Myanmar’s coup of February 2021 – & the military meeting peaceful protest with killing & imprisonment – this documentary follows a teen into the jungle for her duty of armed revolution.

Followed by Q&A with RAÚLSALINAS & THE POETRY OF LIBERATION: UN TRIP Directors Anne Lewis & Laura Varela At the Gaslight Baker Theater

216 South Main St., Lockhart, TX

For full schedule and tickets go to:

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