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Un Trip screens at San Angelo Revolution Film Festival, Wins Best Documentary!

Updated: Oct 7

Un Trip Screens Saturday, September 30th at 3:30 pm. We are honored to win Best Documentary at the San Angelo Revolution Film Festival, the sister festival to the Austin Revolution Film Festival. The San Angelo Revolution introduces the independent film to a West Texas audience, as well as visitors from across the world.

UN TRIP is a story of transformation through political education in community (initially a community of the incarcerated). The specifics create a model of relationship once outside as well as inside the walls. The story is told by raúlrsalinas who spent most of his adolescent and young adult life inside as a petty criminal and drug dealer. He came out of Federal penitentiaries a deep and strong social advocate and community organizer. He never went back to prison.

The film explores contemporary issues: imprisonment, community destruction, gentrification, and the profound impact of cultural memory on sanity and salvation. This includes a poetry workshop led by raúl at the Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center. A young woman reads a poem that deals with her past.

Anne Lewis will be there for Q&A! Anne is an independent documentary-maker associated with Appalshop Films, a media arts and cultural center located in Whitesburg, Kentucky, in the heart of the Central Appalachian Coalfields. Her work reveals working class people fighting for social change. Anne was associate director/assistant camera for HARLAN COUNTY, U.S.A., the Academy Award-winning documentary about the Brookside strike. After the strike, she moved to the eastern Kentucky coalfields where she lived for 25 years.

Documentaries she produced, directed, and edited include: ANNE BRADEN: SOUTHERN PATRIOT co-directed with Mimi Pickering (Texas Observer screening at the Alamo Drafthouse, 2013 Kentucky History Award, KY Historical Society) about the extraordinary life of a civil rights leader; MORRISTOWN: IN THE AIR AND SUN (Austin Film Festival, AMBULANTE ) a working class critique of globalization, TO SAVE THE LAND AND PEOPLE (SXSW, Texas Documentary Tour) a history of a militant grassroots environmental movement; JUSTICE IN THE COALFIELDS (INTERCOM gold plaque) about the community impact of the Pittston strike; ON OUR OWN LAND (duPont-Columbia award for independent broadcast journalism) about the citizens’ movement to stop broad form deed strip mining; and CHEMICAL VALLEY co-directed with Mimi Pickering (P.O.V., American Film and Video Blue Ribbon) about environmental racism and most recently, SHELTER (Honorable Mention, New Jersey International Film Festival) which tells the stories of 5 West Virginia women as they try to find freedom, justice and safety.


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