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Un Trip featured at the Scrambled Genius Film Festival Saturday Nov. 4th at 7pm.

Updated: Nov 1

Please join us at the SCRAMBLED GENIUS FILM FEST in Seguin, TX - Saturday, Nov. 4, at 8PM! Santiago Jimenez Jr. will be playing before and after Un Trip! Palace Theatre 314 South Austin Street in Seguin, TX. followed by Q&A with Directors & Laura Varela


A split-screen jazz-&-liberation film based on the words of “Un Trip through the Mind Jail” by raúlrsalinas, written in 1969 in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. The poem expresses lived experience in La Loma (East Austin). The short explores contemporary issues: imprisonment in the jail machine, community destruction & gentrification, the overwhelming force of cultural memory in sanity & salvation, and the need for societal transformation.

Part of the Lost River Film Fest" Given generous underwriting by The Summerlee Foundation, all screenings of raúlrsalinas & the poetry of liberation: UN TRIP are free to the community. Simply use the password “LA LOMA.”

For Tickets and the full lineup go to:

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